Disposal according to the ElektroG Regulation

ElektroG – Reg. No. DE 3538 3208

We are registered as an IT/hardware supplier with the Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register (stiftung ear). What benefit is this to you? The products we “put on the market” are registered and their disposal is regulated in accordance with the ElektroG (Electrical and Electronics Equipment Law) Ordinance. You will find our registration number DE 3538 3208 on all invoices/delivery bills. It is the written proof of the regulation and financing of the subsequent disposal – as our customer, you are thus completely released from the obligation to provide proof.

By the way, all products imported by us are declared as B2C goods without exception and enable private and commercial end consumers to dispose of them free of charge at the public waste disposal authority. For example, old or defective “B2C” devices can be disposed of in the electrical waste and simply taken to the recycling center by the end customer.

All details on the law on the marketing, return, and environmentally sound disposal of electrical and electronic equipment – ElektroG Ordinance for short – can be found here.

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