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Activation and installation of RDS license servers

RDS license server installation and activation

If you want to use your Windows server via Remote Desktop Services (RDS), you have to define the respective role service beforehand. To do so, your license server must be installed and activated. Normally, you do this yourself in the Microsoft VLSC.

For used software purchased at the macle GmbH we initiate the initialization process at Microsoft and make the key available, which is assigned to your license server ID.

Please follow these instructions for the installation and activation of the license server and then make your license server ID available to us!

Install the remote desktop licensing role:

  1. Sign in with the server using the administrator account, which you would like to use as the license server.
  2. Click on role summary in the server manager and then, click on add roles.
    On the first page of the roles wizard, go to Next.
  3. Select the remote desktop services and confirm with Next. Click Next again on the remote desktop services page.
  4. Select remote desktop licensing and then, click Next.
  5. Configure the domains – select detection zone for configure this license server click this domain and then, Continue.
  6. Click Install.

Your license server is now configured – it just has to be activated.

Activate the license server:

  1. Open the remote desktop licensing manager: Click Start > Administration > Remote desktop services > Remote desktop licensing manager.
  2. Click the license server with right mouse click; then, activate on Server.
  3. Click Next on the welcome page.
  4. Select the connection method “Automatic connection” (usually default setting) and then, click Next.
  5. Enter your company information (your name, the company name, your geographic region) and then, click Next.
  6. Optionally, enter other company information (e.g. email and company addresses) and then, click Next.
  7. Make sure that the wizard for installing licenses is not started now (installing the RDS licenses takes place in a step later on) and then, click Next.

Your license server now has now generated a distinct system-related license server ID.

Please enter your license server ID on our licensing portal. You access the licensing portal via your customer account in the macle shop.

If you have not yet been activated for the portal or you require assistance to log-in, instructions are available here.

We initiate the RDS-CAS allocation at Microsoft for you with the license server ID you provided. You then receive the key from us for the activation of your RDS access licenses directly on the portal.

Additional information is available in our detailed instructions. To do so, simply click the “RDS-CAL activation” button.

Not yet acquainted with our licensing portal? A detailed description with all advantages and functions of our portal is available here.

We answered general questions pertaining to used software in our FAQ section.
We are of course available to you at any time for any further questions you may have.

Please note:
The license server ID changes as soon as you reactivate the respective Windows server (e.g. because of a change in hardware). RDS access must then be assigned to the current license server ID.

In this case, please inform us and send us the current license server ID!
We then conduct this process for you again and you receive a new RDS key from us for your updated RDS access.

Do you have any other questions, which were not answered in the FAQ section?
If so, then please contact our specialist for used software directly.

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