The macle ITAD Remarketing Services

We buy your old hardware.
For the sake of the environment.

The macle ITAD Remarketing Services

A second life for IT hardware

Ever heard of it? We also buy your old hardware. This is because we stock tested used products in the same product depth as new hardware. As an IT remarketing service provider, we not only buy your used servers, computers and components, but also offer you comprehensive ITAD remarketing services. We upgrade what can be used for a few more years. This saves unnecessary electrical waste that is difficult to dispose of and improves the CO2 footprint.

We make the professional disposal of discarded IT uncomplicated, trouble-free and legally secure. We not only dispose of and overhaul the hardware in accordance with the mandatory requirements, but also offer reliable data erasure in accordance with the GDPR. All that in accordance with various certified security levels as well. However, we not only pay attention to data security, but also to the environment. We buy used hardware from you in order to resell it refurbished if possible.

IT Remarketing explained in 2 minutes

Your advantages at a glance

The macle ITAD Remarketing Services

Reduce your environmental footprint together with us
Your environmental footprint.

“You'll see the importance of qualified data erasure once you've been able to recover seemingly lost data. macle offers expertise in data erasure with Blancco®, thecertified
data erasure software.”

Leo Neikes

IT-Technician at macle


Consultation and planning

First and foremost, we offer you the consultation and joint development of a customized remarketing concept.
We accompany you from start to finish: from the collection of the old hardware to certified data deletion. We fit you with a made-to-measure suit; depending on the type and condition of the discarded hardware as well as the conditions at the location.

Secure transport

Logistic Service

Regardless of whether it is a single pallet or a complete data centre. At your request, our packaging artists take care of repackaging and palletising for secure transport on your premises. All of your logistics needs are taken care of by us, from commissioning a forwarding agent for a simple collection of a pallet to planning secure transport in sealed containers. No high-rise building is too high for us and no underground car park is too deep.

Hot or not?

Hardware inventory

On arrival at our macle TechCenter, the hardware undergoes a detailed asset management process in a secure area.
In concrete terms, this means the recording of unit types, serial numbers and configurations together with the testing of the individual units, as well as the classification into the various macle condition codes from A+ for “Hot” to D for “Not”.
Should no assessment of the hardware have taken place beforehand, the remuneration is determined at the latest after this process has been completed.

More than just„format C:\“

Certified data erasure

Certified data erasure is the be-all and end-all of a professional IT remarketing company and involves more than just “format C:”.
Certification and irreversible data erasure is ensured by our partner “blancco” – the global software pioneer in the field of sensitive data erasure. Our long-standing partnership, combined with our in-house, secure TechCentre, allows us to meet almost any customer data erasure requirement.

Fresh capital for your company


After we have presented you with the documentation from our macle TechCenter and clarified any open questions, we await your invoice as per our agreement and in just a few days your business account gets to enjoy new funds. This transforms your old hardware into fresh capital for your business.

For the sake of the environment

Your environmental footprint

Not only does your company benefit from our IT remarketing services, Mother Nature is also grateful to you.
The remarketing of your old appliances helps us to protect the environment and reduce the ever-growing pile of electronic waste.

Reduce your environmental footprint together with us and meet the growing awareness for sustainability of our next generation.

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