Battery act

Information regarding the obligation to accept and return batteries

Batteries and rechargeable battery packs, which contain hazardous substances, are marked with the crossed out wheeled bin symbol, which means that these cannot be disposed of with household waste. If applicable, the chemical designation of the hazardous substance should be indicated below the wheeled bin symbol. In this case, Cd stands for cadmium, Pb for lead and Hg for mercury.

Pursuant to the Battery Act on the return and disposal of used batteries and accumulators, we are obliged to take back the accumulators and batteries distributed by us for disposal purposes. This means used rechargeable batteries and batteries can be returned to us free of charge. Please send them, including a brief note (e.g. “For disposal”) postage paid to:

macle GmbH
von-Monschaw-Strasse 3
47574 Goch

Further details on the Battery Act are available here.

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