Our Guiding Principle

We create added value in IT

Our vision, mission, corporate values and standards of conduct guide us in our actions, decisions and behaviour.

Our ambition is clear customer orientation and long-term customer loyalty. We aim to achieve a continuous increase in customer satisfaction through additional explicit procedures. As macle GmbH, these include our aim to provide excellent service and value for money, to reduce errors and error costs, and to continuously improve all company processes.

We create added value in IT – for our customers, our team, our environment, worldwide.

Andreas De Matteis 
CEO and founder of macle GmbH 

Our Guiding Principle

Where we want to be with you

We are already the first address among the local IT providers in many sectors. We want to expand this and become the leading full life cycle service provider in Europe. Our Mission: Our new service concepts create real added value on all pages. A goal that we achieve together with our customers.

Our philosophy is simple: Customer satisfaction is paramount. We achieve this with exceptional availability, fast deliveries and a feel for the needs of our customers. We query when you enquire with us so that we can offer or work out a customised solution.

Our Guiding Principle

Success through partnership

Together we pull in one direction. This applies not only to the cooperation with our customers, but also to the team spirit of our employees. We draw no distinction between the size of our customers, just as we do not differentiate between employees who are young or those who are experienced. What concerns us are practical and sustainable solutions – now and for the future. And in the fast-moving IT industry, this is only possible with flexibility, commitment and openness.

Our vision

Together we want to become the leading
full-life-cycle distributor for servers and peripherals in Europe.

Our mission

Serving customers across Europe with IT technology.

Our values

Together we are strong

Team and readiness to help

We treat each other with respect and support each other. We value the experience of each individual (young or old) as this experience helps us to achieve our common goals. Mutual trust is the basis for our actions.

Employee satisfaction

A relaxed working atmosphere is important to us. Every employee should feel glad to come to work and feel comfortable there. We communicate with each other on an equal basis. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute their ideas and wishes for the further development of the company.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are at the centre of our business activities. We always relate to our customers and offer them the greatest possible benefit. We provide our customers with all they need from a single source. Whether new products, upgrades or older IT spare parts - our first-class service enables us to reliably meet all our customers' needs.

Quality and innovation

We are in an ever-changing market. The IT industry is characterised by continuous change and innovation. We are courageous and see change as an opportunity. We consistently drive innovation and continue to evolve.

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